Blog's Mission Statement


1) To Increase Financial Literacy - Funny isn't it how we spend 15+ years studying about everything except how to manage our money? Shouldn't Financial Literacy be as talked as much as say Math, English, History! With the numbers of people going bankrupt rising quickly with the ease of availability of credit, we should be educating our young on how to manage their finances/debt and spending.

2) Make Investment/Financial Literacy Interesting and Fun! -

3) A Forum to Exchange Ideas on Investments in Malaysia and Abroad.

4) Exchange ideas on everything to do with Managing your Money.Got a simple tip on saving money like say using pandan leaves for your car's air freshener share it! E-mail me! I will give all credit will be given where it's due!
Or where the best promotions/offers/deals, share it!Go for it- Email me again. Please, no Scams.

5) Full and Complete Disclosure. If I own shares or have something direct to gain from the advice/"tip" given, I will disclose completely and not trade in the aforementioned share the next 3 trading days. I do not endorse hyping up a share for one's gain.

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