Monday, March 7, 2011

3 Great Websites which help you Save Money

*phew* It's been a long time since I have posted - The reason is partly because I have been really busy and also my laptop's fan got clogged up and had to get it repaired. Apologies, dear faithful (perhaps, near-non-existent) readers!

Wow, that's a cool magic trick! (image credit: Dreamstime)

Anyway, let me make it up to you by introducing to you not one... not two... but THREE sites that will help you save alot of money!

These 3 sites have been set up in Malaysia to try and capture the online voucher/coupon market made so famous by Google was rumoured to be interested in taking them over in the US!

Anyway, all you need to do, is give them an email and register and you will be sent emails on deals. If you're interested, you actually need to buy the coupon (pay online) and then you will be issued the coupon (provided the number of people who buy the coupon is met) and voila! Cheap (50% off or more!) manicure/brazilian waxing (ouch!)/food/spa treatment/shoes/subscription, etc...!

So, check these sites out!

My advice? The sites are competing each other and offering like free RM 2/RM 5 e-money to get you to sign up and try -so take advantage of it! For example, join milkadeal on FB and you get RM 5.

Any requirements for these sites? A credit card/paypal account oh, and facebook!

So what are you waiting for, sign up and wait & get the deal you want!

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