Monday, February 21, 2011

Quick one - The Economist on O&G and Liveability of Cities

The Economist's Intelligence Unit provides its findings after conducting surveys on corporate executives on O&G, urban living, investing in asset intensive industries and Companies and the Future. Read on to see what I think or for the links. (image credit: dreamstime: Jason Smith)

I was sent these links on the Economist's Intelligence Unit where they get business executives to answer a survey and they publish the results and analysis.
Deep Water Ahead? - The Economist's on Oil & Gas in 2011.

There is mention of how ever since the US Gulf Oil Spill in 2010 has led O&G companies to rethink its risk management policies to avoid such a disaster in the future. This may lead more government regulation in the US/the West and it cites that investors may look towards South-East Asia in terms of both supply and demand. Good sign for Petronas and its subsidiaries listed (to be listed) on KLSE?

Also, there is mention of Natural Gas. I have an eye on this one as I think as its prices have been depressed rather lately and when the economy picks up, so will the consumption of it.
Liveanomics - Urban Liveability & Economic Growth.

Some real gems here and I really wish someone out there running Malaysia is reading this! It's all good stuff. Also some takeaway points for the property investors reading here. The main purpose you buy - to live - ie: closest to work. I know, i know, common sense stuff but just in case you get caught up in what the salesperson/property salemen tell you!

Also, the cost of living is an issue so in the Malaysian Context, I say toll travel eats into your earnings and a self-contained development where you don't have to drive too far to get what you need would be nice.

If you're interested, there's also a report on :

The last article seems to imply that companies fear the worse is over and are looking at expansion plans. Good sign. (But also shows how the bigger the company, the harder it may be to execture change.. may sound familiar to those employed in big companies!)Maybe time to look into buy into stocks which perform well when the economy does well yet is pretty inflation-proof?

Some food for thought. 'Till next time!

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