Monday, April 4, 2011

Away for the next two weeks...

Normal service to continue in mid April-ish

Dear readers,

With the impending Sarawak Elections, I have decided to go back and help out by volunteering to be an independent observer and attempt to be a "missionary of democracy". What better way to advocate for more transparent and free government than to actually go down to the ground, no?

But no fear, reader. I leave you with a few articles about the sage of Omaha for reading pleasure and the Rajaratnam Saga. These are interesting case studies for ethical investing...

Please do check back when I get back.

Until then take care and invest rationally and patiently!

Further reading: - Heir apparent leaves for failing the "New York Times Test"?

The Rajaratnam saga or also known as the case not to commit insider trading:

WSJ article - - the whole web of insider trading

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