Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Short review on Little Book of Sideways Investing

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Sorry for the long hiatus! Back and recharged!

Yesterday, read the "Little Book of Sideways Investing" by Vitaly Katsenelson.

His Website can be found here:

Basically, the investment thesis is to actively value invest looking for shares that fit all 3 criteria - Q for Quality, V for Value and G for growth. (Q+V+G). Once you find these, get them with a margin of safety and when they hit their value, that's when you sell.

What I also found interesting what his macroeconomic analysis for Japan, US and China dubbing them as Grey Swans. Grey swans are different in the sense that they are high impact, rare but predictable as opposed to Black swans.

He also warns of Axioms (defined as self-evident truth that require no proof) based on previous data. Such examples of axioms is China's growth and housing prices. We as humans are quick to draw conclusions based on say 20 years data because we deem it as pattern but sometimes we get the cause and effect wrong. In other words, the past does not necessarily equal to the present.

It was a thoroughly good read and I highly recommend it. He incorporates most of Buffet's principles but his time frame is a 5 years time one. For the exact methodology, you gotta check the book out yourself! Look out for the 'parable' of the cow farmer! It is quite a deep look into things but he does try his best to keep things simple and easy to grasp by having as few formulas as possible.

Personally, its a good refresher on Buffet's principles and provides more practical ways to actually implement those principles. A good edition to the little book of Investing series IMHO.

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