Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For the Income Investors out there - Digi and Maxis?

While doing some other research, I came across this report by Insider Asia on Maxis and Digi -

Basically, Maxis and Digi have been paying about market dividends of over 6% in the past year and are steady picks to continue doing so!

If you're thinking of investing in an alternative in investing other than Fixed-Deposit... check these stocks out. Easy to understand businesses, Both pay out dividends quarterly and would make good income spinners for those looking for a steady cashflow yet not willing to risk too much. Don't expect too much capital gain though!

The only concern I can think off my head is their mobile internet market might shrink and also, you have to consider whether they can keep up their high dividends.

Generally, stocks that pay dividends outperform stocks that don't. Its a sign of confidence of their businesses that they can reward their shareholders. More on that... next time!

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