Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Rise of China from a Western Perspective

If there's one great site you must visit it is this : http://www.ted.com/ which is like Youtube except for spreading ideas - be it to do with business, science, global issues, technology, faith or entertainment. Speakers are specially recorded by them and the videos are put on the website to engage people and try to spread ideas.

I first heard it being played on BFM and I checked out the website and it's brilliant!

The videos load easily (yes, on streamyx) and you can even have subtitles with some videos having up to 25 languages!

One of the vidoes I wanted to highlight is this:

This was taken sometime in October 2010 so its still quite recent. Watch it till the end not only for the insight into China's rise and how it is different from the West but you'll be surprise what the Chinese invented that is so popular in the west!

Check it out!

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