Saturday, January 1, 2011

Introduction & Mission Statement

Welcome to my pet project, a Malaysian Finance Blog!

Um, so what makes it different from others? Well, it's for everyone! Yes, even you, the Auntie frying your favourite Char Kuay Teow!

I would like to make share this financial journey of mine of everyone and anyone to jump on board with me to share whatever gems they have on managing your money.

My journey thus has been far:

After returning from studying abroad, I am currently employed in a Law Firm. In the meantime, I got together with a bunch of ex-uni mates to start an investment club to share investment ideas seeing how we were young and keen to increase the returns of our savings.

Fast forward one year later, and well.. to be honest, nothing much came out from it. But then I thought: Hey, why not reach out to more people and also put into action all these things I have read? Don't we all learn better when we try to share it out? I have always been a firm believer than the more willing we are to give, the more we will get in return.

So, I set out to come out with a Blog for Joes. Joes as in Everyone. Joe the Plumber, Joe Six Pack, and of course not to be gender discriminating (art 8 of our constitution) Jane Doe!

In fact, here's my Mission Statement:


1) To Increase Financial Literacy - Funny isn't it how we spend 15+ years studying about everything except how to manage our money? Shouldn't Financial Literacy be as talked as much as say Math, English, History! With the numbers of people going bankrupt rising quickly with the ease of availability of credit, we should be educating our young on how to manage their finances/debt and spending.

2) Make Investment/Financial Literacy Interesting and Fun! -

3) A Forum to Exchange Ideas on Investments in Malaysia and Abroad.

4) Exchange ideas on everything to do with Managing your Money.Got a simple tip on saving money like say using pandan leaves for your car's air freshener share it! E-mail me! I will give all credit will be given where it's due!
Or where the best promotions/offers/deals, share it!Go for it- Email me again. Please, no Scams.

5) Full and Complete Disclosure. If I own shares or have something direct to gain from the advice/"tip" given, I will disclose completely and not trade in the aforementioned share the next 3 trading days. I do not endorse hyping up a share for one's gain.

So here, I go! Hope you continue to keep an eye on this blog!

I soon hope to be on Twitter/FB and get a RSS feed up ASAP!

Stay tuned!


DISCLAIMER: This Blog is at best merely the opinion of one long term investor (who at times may be overdosed with caffeine!) who is intent on sharing what advice he has read/received but is not to be construed as financial advice/recommendation to buy/sell. Any action taken following the analysis, commentary, information from the posts is ultimately your responsibility. Please consult professional financial advice and do your own due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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